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How to organize the right bachelorette party

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The tradition to hold a bachelorette party before the wedding began in ancient times. True, if before the bride was supposed to mourn the parting with her idle life, now girls are having fun parties - modern customs no longer turn married life into a series of boring and monotonous everyday life.

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The organization of a hen-party traditionally must be handled by the witness or the bride herself . First, it is better to arrange a bachelorette party a few days before the wedding in order to have time to sleep and recover. Secondly, you need to decide where and how the party will be held.

How to organize the right bachelorette party? The secret is simple: do not try to surprise your friends with super originality, take care of what you really like! The scenario may be different. because Relax Prepared at once several options for hanging out:

Option 1

The simplest, but not least interesting idea for a bachelorette party is to meet with girlfriends in a cafe or restaurant . The entertainment program automatically includes viewing old photos and female conversations under alcoholic cocktails . Ask each invited girl to bring along a thing related to the bride — for example, a gift from a school valentine or old tickets saved from the time of your joint campaign to a concert of your favorite band. After the trembling phrase "Do you remember, we once ..." girlfriends in turn should tell about the things brought. You'll see, the memories of pleasant moments are always very touching and unexpected.

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Option 2

Bachelorette party before the wedding can be arranged in style pajama party . Dress up with girlfriends in cozy pajamas, wind your hair on huge pink hair curlers and take your favorite teddy bears with you. This dress code will allow you all to feel more relaxed. The evening plan must necessarily include dancing on the bed with your favorite music, a pillow battle and watching soul melodramas . Do not forget to stock up on hot alcohol type of mulled wine. Hold a contest for the knowledge of common male excuses and excuses. The girl who calls (or writes) the greatest number gets a diploma from the honored translator of the male language.

Option 3

The perfect example of how you can combine business with pleasure: go girding company in beauty saloon . Such a bachelorette party before the wedding will allow you to tidy yourself up on the eve of an important event, and the procedures for face, body and hair care will relax you and bring you to spiritual conversations. Good idea for hen night at a beauty salon - order a master class from a makeup artist or stylist.

Option 4

If finances and time allow, you can go abroad with your girlfriends for a couple of days or a whole week. The most common destinations for a bachelorette party before the wedding are considered to be visa-free countries and European capitals, the rest of which can be combined with exciting shopping. Typically, this scenario is suitable for girls who decide to organize a wedding and hen party abroad.

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Option 5

For lovers of outdoor activities and thrills, the extreme variant is suitable - parachute jump, cable car or at least amusement park . Of course, during active holidays you are unlikely to gossip or hold traditional hen party contests, but vivid memories are surely assured. After an extreme you can invite girlfriends to catch up in your favorite institution.

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Tip: Be sure to order a photographer and arrange a thematic photo session - it will be interesting both for the bride and girlfriends, and you will still have high-quality pictures as a memory of this evening!

And remember that the best party is the one where the focus is on the bride, she should be in the limelight all evening.

Relax . com . ua wish you a pleasant stay!

Author: Inna Jerj

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