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Foam block

Опубликовано: 12.05.2017

видео foam block

Six Foot Foam Block

Setting up this activity is ridiculously easy. Simply set out your gipnotehnika.rus and spreading/scooping tools. Fill your sensory bin with shaving cream, and step back to let kids play! The structures and designs they come up with will amaze you!

My kids didn’t hesitate for a second to dig their hands in. Meatball had more fun dipping and smashing than he did spreading and stacking, but once he got the concept of spreading down there was no stopping him!

They had a blast exploring how different shapes balanced with and without the shaving cream.

We experimented with trying to stick other items to our towers such as our scoops.

And imaginations created the most beautiful cities, castles, and gardens. At one point Livia even мейд her own leaning tower of “pizza”…

At the end clean up was incredibly simple. Just wipe kiddos down with a wet rag and spray your sensory bin out in the sink (or with a hose). My kids absolutely adored this activity and are already asking to do it again!

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